Meet Courtney and Abbie of Simple City Life, Our newest Molly’s Suds Ambassadors!

Read this charming post written by Abbie, one of the mamas behind the blog Simple City Life.

I am a total cloth diaper rookie! I have only been cloth diapering since my little girl was born on December 23rd, 2013.  My husband and I made the decision to cloth diaper when we found out I was pregnant and I have not regretted the decision yet. One of my biggest influences with cloth diapering is my good friend and comrades Courtney Fisk.  Courtney actually started Simple City Life Blog a few years ago and has been an advocate for home birth, green living and cloth diapering since I have known her.

simple city life

Courtney & Abbie

She seriously is a guru when it comes to what each diaper company has to offer and has taught me so much about the importance of raising her family free of chemicals whether it is cleaning products, food or skin care and so much more.  Courtney brought me on this past summer as a writer for the blog and it has been quite the journey.  I have tried to be a bit more educated myself over the past few years about the importance of living a “green” life but the more I learn the more I realize I am just getting started.  One of the important switches I started making in our home last year was our laundry detergent.  My step-daughter has severe eczema and I hated the thought of her sensitive skin having clothes washed in soap that would be more harmful for her. I also knew that with cloth diapering I would want a soap that would be clean and free for my little baby’s skin as well and would not have a yucky residue left. I discovered Molly’s Suds this past summer when we were having a virtual baby shower for our blog and we asked to review some of the products.  I think I was first won over by the great smell of the peppermint from the laundry powder and then when I read the story behind Molly’s Suds I realized this was more than a company but it was a family’s story and ambition.

I was skeptical that the powder would clump in my front loader and was a little skeptical at how little of it I needed to wash the clothes but to my surprise the clothes were super clean. After the baby was born I was washing new born diaper like crazy and again I was so pleased with how clean the inserts were getting and there was no smell. I have heard you have to “strip” diapers a lot but I have not had any issue with buildup yet and have not stripped anything but the clothes off my daughter after a blowout. Once I started using Molly’s I have not wanted to use anything else. I even have half used bottles of other chemical free laundry soaps sitting in my basement that I have not touched in a while.simple city life

Both Courtney and I are so pleased that our blog gets to promote a company like Molly’s that stays so close to our own desires for our home and family. I think even if I wasn’t an ambassador I would be trying to get the word out there to our readers. Feel free to read more about Courtney and I and our life in Milwaukee at and be sure to follow us as we post many reviews and giveaways.