Meet Shannon and learn WHY she loves and uses Molly’s Suds!

Hi all! I’m Shannon, mommy to Maggie, my 3 year old princess; and Charlie, my 18 month old thrill seeker. Together with John, we are building our family out in the countryside of Minnesota. We have two dogs, an old man dog named Buddy Boy who was abused and neglected before we got him, and Lady Jane, possibly the worlds greatest dog and lover of kids.mollys suds ambassador,shannon

John works his tail off so that I can stay home with the kiddos, but along with being a SAHM, I sell real estate, do daycare for a little girl Charlie’s age, and write my blog.  When we aren’t busy working, we love to do anything outdoors, fishing, hunting and whatever else we can find to do.

We have constantly been making efforts to be a more green family, and cloth diapers was the main gateway into this world for us. While we recycled and had a water cooler instead of bottled water, we do so much more now. This summer we are planning to grow an awesome vegetable garden. I use to scrapbook and make my own greeting cards, but haven’t done it as much since having kids. One of my very favorite things to do is play poker.

My blog seems like my lifeline to the outside world some days and you can find me over at Our Piece of Earth where I share stories about our daily adventures, our attempts at being amazing parents, our efforts at going green, parenting tips and so much more. I share reviews of products we love and offer some great chances for you to win them! I originally started writing my blog as a real estate blog but realized I wasn’t completely passionate about it. Once I started writing about parenting topics, it came cloth diaper powder,mollys sudsalive. There is so much to say as a parent and I love to share our successes and struggles with other parents who can relate.

We use Molly’s Suds because after battling with stink as soon as Charlie would pee, we couldn’t find a solution with our HE washing machine other than Tide, and that was causing our diapers to leak. When I had the chance to try some Molly’s Suds and become an ambassador for them, I was so excited! At first I wasn’t sure if it would work, but once I tried using more than the recommended detergent with our hard water, my diapers were finally not reeking every time Charlie went to the bathroom.
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I’m so excited to be on board with Molly’s Suds and hope you will pop on over and visit me on Our Piece of Earth.

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