Molly’s Suds, perfect for sensitive skin?

I passed one definite trait onto my three children – sensitive skin. We have to be very selective about the types of soaps and laundry products we use.  A reaction is possible, especially when heavy dyes or perfumes are involved, so we look for solutions without irritating ingredients. This is one of the main reasons I eagerly tried Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Detergent.inquisitive mom

I’ve used cloth diaper safe detergents on our diaper laundry for the past five years, with varying success. Last year, I even tried switching to a popular name brand detergent hoping I could use it on all of my laundry, but my youngest and I had immediate reactions. We started with Molly’s Suds not long after this trial and the results impressed me immediately.

Molly’s asked me to try their detergent and decide if I felt it was a product I would use for my family and stand behind as an ambassador. I needed assistance at first determining a laundry routine using my He Top loader and Molly’s provided excellent customer service. Once I had my routine down, our diapers came out clean and white each time.

I decided to become an ambassador for the brand after trying it for a month and was pleased to find my enthusiasm only grew over time.  Molly’s Suds creator Monica really impressed me with the motivations behind her all-natural brand and the in depth research she conducted to create an effective, all natural detergent using the best ingredients. Monica understands cloth diapers and how to create and use an effective detergent for inquisitive mom cleaning them.

Molly’s Suds is also a great fit with my blog, The Inquisitive Mom. I love learning about new products and especially exploring eco-conscious options.  Molly’s uses pure, cruelty free sources and I feel good using these products for my family. I also always appreciate the opportunity to support a small, family business, especially one with such a passion for their mission.

We just potty trained our third child and realized we put diapers away for the first time in seven years – eek! I don’t think they are packed away for good, but with kids ages 2, 5, and 7, we’ll definitely be exploring how Molly’s tackles other tricky laundry issues beyond cloth diapers!

inquisitive mom


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