Fido Deserves Chemical-Free Too!

Manufacturers of animal bath products are just as guilty as the makers of human bath and beauty products when it comes to pumping shampoos, soaps, and conditioners full of harmful chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

Those of us with pets know that they are not just animals who live with us, they are family members. We care for our pets in many ways on a daily basis, so why not treat their skin and fur with the same care you show your own skin, or your children’s skin?

If you read the back of your pet’s shampoo bottle, can you pronounce all of the ingredients? Does it contain sodium laureth sulfate, fragrance, or boric acid? Steer clear! There are​ chemicals used in many animal shampoos that should be avoided, especially in the shampoos advertising tick and flea prevention/extermination. Not only are you potentially harming your pet’s skin by washing them with those chemical-filled shampoos, but they are probably ingesting some of it too. Dr. Mercola’s website has a great article that goes into more detail about some of the toxins you will commonly find in animal shampoos, and what he feels is safe for them as an alternative.

Molly’s Suds Dog Shampoo was created as a way to eliminate a source of chemicals in your home and on your loved ones. Four-legged friends deserve a shampoo that is cleansing, nourishing, safe, and smells good too!


The ingredients on the Molly’s Suds Dog Shampoo are as follows:

Proprietary blend of purified water and coconut oil, folic acid, minerals and enzymes from edible and seed bearing plants, essential oils of lavender and organic peppermint.

All real ingredients. They are natural, chemical-free, and good for your dog’s skin and coat. This was really important to me, as I have to give my dog up to three baths per week! Whenever she has a nice long roll in the grass, I am forced to bathe her because of my pollen and grass allergies. Washing a dog so many times per week with other dog shampoos, you risk drying out your dog’s skin and may cause them to develop rashes and irritation. With Molly’s Dog Shampoo, there has been no problem. In fact, the addition of coconut oil to the shampoo makes for a great moisturizer for dogs with already sensitive and dry skin.

Still using your generic dog shampoo with mystery ingredients? Try a bottle of Molly’s Suds Dog Shampoo to see what you’ve been missing. After one bath, I bet you won’t go back.

By Courtney Perry


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