Coconut Oil: Your New Best Friend

My favorite products to use are those that are versatile and inexpensive. When I recently learned about the hundreds of uses of coconut oil, I felt betrayed. How could this incredible, inexpensive, all natural product have existed for so long and NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT IT!? So now it is my duty to spread the word about coconut oil, and tell you why you need to get in your car right now and go buy some.

Coconut oil is a healthy fat, it has antibacterial properties making it great for helping our bodies fight off viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. It has also been proven to successfully battle yeast, fungus and candida. Coconut oil naturally improves the body’s insulin use, which helps control blood sugar levels. And those are just the tip of the ice berg. Here is a list of the many benefits of coconut oil, followed by some suggestions for use!

  • Reduces hunger & appetite (hello new diet secret!). It has also been shown to reduct abdominal fat.
  • Studies in both humans and rats have shown that coconut oil improves LDL and HDL cholesterol, which may mean a reduced risk of heart disease.
  • Improves skin moisture.
  • Protects against hair damage.
  • In one 2006 study, consumption of medium chain triglycerides (coconut oil) lead to an immediate improvement in brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s.

How should you use it? 

This past May, The Huffington Post ran an article about the benefits of coconut oil. Their recommendations are a great way to begin your love affair with coconut oil:

Give Your Hair Shine
Run a small bit through your wet hair – pea-size for short hair, bean-size for long – to get a beautiful conditioning effect with a shimmer. Also, are you like me and your puffy hair was GREAT for the 80’s, not so much the 2000’s? Putting a very small amount of the oil in your hands and rubbing through dry hair will cut down on the frizz.

Moisturize Your Skin
From dry feet to a flaky forehead, coconut oil is a great way to nourish your skin without the heaviness of moisturizing lotions. (really helps my eczema as well as a friend of mine with the burdening skin disease)

Remove Your Makeup
Ditch the chemicals! After a night out, it just takes one swipe of some coconut oil on a cloth to remove your makeup, even eye makeup!

Use it as a substitute for shortening, butter, or other types of oil, and get a sweeter, lighter tasting dessert.

Athletes Foot
Rub it on your feet to cure athletes foot, it works great on fungal infections anywhere!

Add To Sweet Beverages
It’s easy to bring a kick of coconut to hot chocolate or fruit smoothies. Remember if you’re adding coconut oil to a cold beverage, make sure to heat it up to liquid form before stirring in.

Leather Shoe Cleaner
Rub your boots with a dab of coconut oil to keep them clean and soften the leather.

Remove Stickers From Merchandise
Sticky labels and price tags are easy to remove with coconut oil. Just mix with some baking soda, spread it on the sticky area, leave for 10 minutes.

Season Cast-Iron Frying Pans
Cast iron needs maintenance to ensure foods don’t stick, and coconut oil makes a fantastic coating to keep your pan slick.

Canker Sore Remedy
Coconut oil has been said to speed up the healing process of pesky canker sores, if going SLS-free didn’t work for you.

Furniture Polish
Some coconut oil and lemon juice is all it takes to bring a beautiful shine to your wood furniture.

Combine coconut oil with baking soda to make your pearly whites gleam.

Lip Balm
While coconut oil makes lips shiny and moist on its own. Adding a tiny bit to your morning cup of coffee will soften your lips with each sip!

Cook popcorn on your stovetop with coconut oil and a few seasonings. It is healthier for you, and more fun anyway.

Diaper Rash Fix
Rub some coconut oil on your baby’s bottom to help keep the rash down, and the nice smell doesn’t hurt either 😉

Stretch Mark Reducer
Stop ordering expensive, chemical-filled lotions to help your stretch marks. Rub some coconut oil and watch what happens.

For Nursing Mothers
Nursing moms can take 3-4 tablespoons a day (and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients

Sore Throat
Mix a teaspoon into a cup of warm water or tea, it will soothe your angry throat

I could literally go on and on, there are SO many uses for coconut oil. If you were to do a Google search on a problem you are having + coconut oil, there is a good chance you will get an article explaining how coconut oil can help you. It is very important to buy organic, virgin, unfiltered coconut oil. Not all coconut oils are created equal! I love the Trader Joe’s brand but you can find a good jar in many different stores. Here is one on Amazon that has nearly 1,500 5-star reviews. At $25 per bottle, I’d say it’s well worth it. Try it, you have nothing to lose and quite possibly a LOT to gain.

coconut oil

What else do YOU use coconut oil for? 

By Courtney Perry


4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil: Your New Best Friend

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  2. Awesome! Just the post I needed to get me started with coconut oil. I had a few ideas on what I was going to use it with and now I got some more. Thanks for checking out my blog. It is going in amazing directions, including branching out into homeopathic/natural living/frugal directions as well as others. I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Have a great holiday weekend!

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